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007 - "You Will Heal" by Melody Hesaraky

007 - "You Will Heal" by Melody Hesaraky


Melody Hesaraky, "You Will Heal"

Each $5 vote for this artwork supports vital cancer research at the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center ( 

Please note, each $5 is a donation to the UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation (JCCF).  You will receive a receipt for your taxes via email upon completion of payment on this site. If you are interested in this artwork, or other works by the same artist, please contact them directly (see "ARTIST INFO" below). 


    Melody Hesaraky

    New York based Textile Designer and artist; Melody Hearsay is in between the world of art and fashion. She is known for her fashion illustrations that are making a bridge between fashion, art and music. Her work was published in 20+ magazines around the world in 2019 including, KALTBLUT Magazine, Vanity Teen, HUF Magazine, VULKAN Magazine and more. From an early age Melody has been involved in art through drawing and painting. This impulse toward artistic creativity from early ages nurtured deep inside her a kind of determination, that her prospective career must be connected to art and design.


    The Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation (JCCF) was founded in 1945 by a group of volunteers dedicated to cancer research at UCLA. Their idea, using funds raised from private sources to invest in the work of promising young cancer researchers, resulted in the Seed Grant Program, which has helped the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center break new ground in the quest to defeat cancer.

    Although seed grants remain an important part of our mission, the Foundation today also supports numerous high-priority and multi-disciplinary cancer research efforts focused on rapidly translating discoveries made in the laboratory into improved screening, treatment and prevention.

    For more information about us, please visit our website.


    The UCLA Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation (JCCF) wants to make the words “You have cancer” a little less scary for the more than 1.7 million people diagnosed with this disease in the US each year. We help “Make Cancer Less Scary” by funding the most promising research initiatives of the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, creating more effective approaches to cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapy.

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